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Subject:Integration: PayDotCom
Keywords:paydotcom, paydot, pay dot com
Article:Integrating with PayDotCom is easy and can be done in just a few minutes.

PayDotCom requires a "Thank You" URL where your customer can download their product and receive their registration code.

During initial product setup, or when editing a product, you will see the following screen:

You need to create a SoftLocker Link and paste it into the Thank You URL field.

To generate the URL, follow the instructions in this article:

Integration: Direct Link Menthod

Then copy and paste the newly created link into the PayDotCom Thank You URL field.

You should ensure that your product listing in SoftLocker has a Download URL associated with it. The customer will be directed to that URL after they receive their registration code.

To edit a product's download URL open the SoftLocker Client, click the Products button, select your product from the list and choose "Edit URLs". Ensure the proper download URL is entered there.

When completed, the entire process will be as follows:

-The customer pays through PayDotCom
-They are directed to your Thank You URL (the SoftLocker link you created)
-They receive their registration code
-They click the continue button and are directed to your download page
-They download your product and use their registration code to unlock it

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