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Subject:Integration: FastSpring
Keywords:springboard, fastspring, fast spring supports easy integration with your FastSpring ( eCommerce account.

Integrating with FastSpring

Before you edit your FastSpring product you will need to create a SoftLocker URL that will register your product. To do so, follow the instructions for generating a Generic eCommerce Echo URL

When you are finished and you have a SoftLocker URL, continue:

  • log in to FastSpring, select your Product Catalog and select the product you would like to set up

  • Under Fulfillment Actions click the Add button

  • Select the Licenses tab to add a new License fulfillment action

  • Select the Remote option and click the Next button

  • Paste your SoftLocker Link into the URL field.

  • Under Method and Encoding leave the default options, HTTP POST and UTF-8

  • Under License Name Type select Email Address

  • Under Output Format select Plain Text, Multi-Line License

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