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Subject:Integration: Regnow or Regsoft
Keywords:Regnow, RegSoft
Article:Integration with RegNow or RegSoft is easy and can be set up in only a few minutes. These instructions are for RegNow, but RegSoft setup is very similar.

You can use either the Remote Server method or the Registration List method. These instructions are for new products. If you want to edit an existing product, instead just click Products > Manage Delivery Options.

Remote Server Method (recommended)

Before you edit your RegNow product you will need to create a SoftLocker URL that will register your product. To do so, follow the instructions for generating a Generic eCommerce Echo URL

When you are finished and you have a SoftLocker URL, continue:

Click Products > Add product to your account.

Under Delivery Method, choose License.

Under License choose 'If you would like us to retrieve information from a remote web server'

Under 'Retrieve information via HTTP Method' choose GET and enter your SoftLocker URL. We recommend using the Short URL. You must check the box labeled Email. You may optionally check the boxes Order ID (for transaction number tracking) and Quantity (if you allow customers to purchase multiple codes).

Save your registration. RegNow will now automatically generate codes for you when a customer makes a purchase.

Registration List Method

To add a list of registration codes to RegNow you must first generate a list of username and registration code combinations. In SoftLocker 2.0 or greater you can do this via the Wizard or the Users menu.

Enter a base username and the quantity of codes that should be generated. You can create up to 1000 codes at a time.

When you have generated the codes you must export them. From the Users window enter the base username into the Search field. When the search is complete, use the Export menu and select "CSV - User List".

You now can use your favorite Spreadsheet software to import the CSV file and create a list of codes. Regnow does not allow you to enter a list of usernames, so we recommend that you generate a list that looks like this:

User: Regnow001 Pass: ja0jhdo1
User: Regnow002 Pass: 9asdfh93
User: Regnow003 Pass: ja0asd03

Paste the list of Username/Password combinations into the registration list area..

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