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Subject:Integration: Clickbank
Keywords:clickbank, click bank
Article:Integration with Clickbank is simple and can be set up in just a few moments.
Essentially, we are placing SoftLocker in the middle of the ClickBank checkout process. The customer is diverted to SoftLocker to get a registration code, and then sent back to your website to download their product on your Thank You page.

Here is an overview of what the customer will see:

1) They visit your Pitch Page
2) They pay through ClickBank
3) They are redirected to the SoftLocker Link URL that you enter as your "Thank You" page on ClickBank
4) While on your SoftLocker page they enter their email and a registration code is generated for them. It is also emailed to them.
5) They continue to your real "Thank You" page, back on your website, where they download your product
6) They run your product, enter their registration code, and can use your product

You will need to create two clickbank pages and one SoftLocker Link.

1) Your pitch page. This is hosted on your website, promotes your product, and allows potential customers to check out through Clickbank and buy your product.

2) Your "Thank You" page. This is where your customer downloads your product. The download should be locked with SoftLocker. If you are using a product it will be protected already. Otherwise you will need to use SoftLocker to lock your product.

3) Your Softlocker Link. This is where your customer receives their registration code.

First, if your product is not already added to SoftLocker, you can add it using the Wizard or you can follow the instructions on this page.

If your product is already added to SoftLocker, select it from the Products page and edit it.

Ensure that within SoftLocker your product's Download URL points to your Thank You page URL.

Next, use the instructions here to create a SoftLocker Link.

Click on the URLs section and copy your new SoftLocker Link URL.

Return to ClickBank. Visit your product on ClickBank and edit it. As your "Thank You" page, enter your new SoftLocker Link URL. Save your product on ClickBank.

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