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Subject:Reference: User Automation (Automate.asp)
Keywords:reference, variables, api
Article:See Advanced: User Automation for more information.

Variables are not case sensitive. You may sent via GET or POST.

NameVariablePossible Values
Customer IDcust_idThe ID found on your My Account page
Customer PINcust_pinThe PIN found on your My Account page
Transaction*txn_idThe transaction number sent when the account was created
Email*user_emailThe email or username you wish to work with
Product ID*prod_idThe product ID from the Product list in the SoftLocker client
ActionactionOne of the values from the Action Chart below
Additional DatadataAn expiration date in the format YYYY-MM-DD, or the word "NEVER" only used for the EXPIRE action

*You must provide either the unique Transaction number for the user, or the Email and Product ID combination for the user; preferably all three items should be provided to be as accurate as possible in looking up the registration. The transaction number is preferred but not necessary. See adding a transaction number for more information.

RESETAllows the registration code to be used on a new computer (Single-computer registrations only)
REMOVEDisables and removes the registration
ENABLEEnables the registration
DISABLEDisables the registration
MULTIChanges the registration to multi-computer
SINGLEChanges the registration to single-computer
EXPIREChanges the expiration date. Send "NEVER" in the "data" variable to remove an expiration. Send a date in the format YYYY-MM-DD in the "data" variable set an expiration. The "data" variable is not used for other actions.



For example:

Failure|Could not find a matching record or action|
Failure|Account Inactive|
Failure|Bad Password|

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