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Subject:Integration: Code Lists (Easy)
Keywords:integration, integrate, code lists
Article:You can generate predefined lists of username and registration code combinations which can be distributed to your users at a later time. Many eCommerce providers, such as RegNow and RegSoft, accept registration code lists.

Up to 1000 codes can be generated at a time.

To generate codes open the SoftLocker Client software.

Click the Wizard button.

Either create a new product or select the existing product that you want to generate codes for.

On the Registration Code Delivery screen select Generate a list of registration codes as your registration code delivery method and click Next.

When prompted, choose a base username and the quantity of codes you want to generate. For example, if you choose a base username of "SoftwareUser" and a quantity of 4 it would generate the following codes:


To export a list of your codes click the Users button. In the search field enter your base username and press Go. All of your registration codes should be displayed.

You can export them to a CSV file by clicking the Export menu and selecting one of the User/Pass List options.

Alternatively, to manually generate a code list instead of using the Wizard you can click Users followed by Add and specify a quantity greater than 1.

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