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Subject:Integration: Paypal Buttons (Easy)
Keywords:Integration, Integrate, Paypal
Article:Generating registration codes for your customers using Paypal Buy Now buttons is an easy and secure way to have registration codes delivered to your customers automatically after their purchase.

Here is how it will work:
-The customers tries your demo
-They click your register button
-They visit your checkout page with your Paypal button
-They pay successfully
-Your Paypal directs them to your SoftLocker Link
-They enter their email address and receive a registration code
-They are sent back to your homepage or your download page

First you will need to create a SoftLocker Link for your product, do one of the following:

1) Log in to the SoftLocker Client and run the SoftLocker Wizard. Choose "Direct my customer to a special URL" as your registration method. The wizard will create a SoftLocker Link for you.

2) Log in to the SoftLocker Client and click the Links button, followed by the Add button. Select the product that the link will register from the drop down list. Enter a descriptive name for the link. Click OK and your link will be created.

Once your link is created, follow these steps to create your button:

  • Log in to your paypal account.

  • Click the Merchant Services tab followed by the Buy Now button.

  • Fill out the name, price and other relevant details for your product

  • Click the Step 3: Customize Advanced Features tab

  • Check the item named "Take customers to this URL when they finish checkout"

  • Enter your SoftLocker Link

  • You're finished! Submit the form to create your button, then copy the generated code to your product's purchase URL. Now whenever a customer finished checkout after using your Buy Now button they will be directed to your registration page.

    FAQ: What about security? Can't my users pass the link around to other users?

    That is a possibility but it can be prevented by the following techniques:

    1) Keep your link secret: do not distribute it to your customers. Instead, have your payment processor automatically send them to the URL after a successful purchase. Most payment processors call this a "Success URL".

    2) For security, the important information encoded in the link will be removed from your customer's view instantly once they reach the registration page. This prevents copying of the link.

    3) For added security you can use registration filters to block anyone who visits the link from websites that you do not authorize. You can created a filter that will only provide registration codes to customers who are directed by For more information see the section on Registration Filters.

    4) Use paypal's hosted buttons to increase security.

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