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Subject:Integration: eJunkie
Keywords:ejunkie, e-junkie, integrate, integration
Article:Integration with eJunkie is easy and can be set up in only a few minutes.

First you should log in to your eJunkie account and create a new product from the Seller Admin section.

To deliver codes to your customers you can use either the Remote Server method or the Registration List method shown below.

Remote Server Method (recommended)

  • Select the "Send Generated Codes" option

  • If you want to send confirmation emails from eJunkie (recommended) you should create an email template that has the variable [%codes%] somewhere in the email text

  • Click the "More Options" button

  • In the Code Generator URL field you will enter your SoftLocker "echo" link. This will generate one registration code for your customer based on their email address and display it on a page for eJunkie to retrieve.

  • To generate your link open the SoftLocker client. If you have not already added the product you must add it first through the products section; do so and return to this point.

  • Click the Links button, followed by the Add button

  • The image below shows the options you should select.

  • Click the OK button and your link will be generated

  • Back on the Links page select your newly created link from the list and copy its URL. We recommend using the long URL.

  • On the eJunkie More Options page under Code Generator URL enter your SoftLocker link

  • Submit the form to save your work. eJunkie will now contact us whenever you make a sale, generate a username (the customer's email) and registration code, and email the registration code to your customer.

  • Continue to the "Setting up your Email Template" section at the end of this guide.

    Registration List Method

    To add a list of registration codes to eJunkie you must first generate a list of username and registration code combinations. In SoftLocker 2.0 or greater you can do this via the Wizard or the Users menu.

    Enter a base username and the quantity of codes that should be generated. You can create up to 1000 codes at a time.

    When you have generated the codes you must export them. From the Users window enter the base username into the Search field. When the search is complete, use the Export menu and select "CSV - User List".

    You now can use your favorite Spreadsheet software to import the CSV file and create a list of codes. eJunkie does not allow you to enter a list of usernames, so we recommend that you generate a list that looks like this:

    User: eJunkie001 Pass: ja0jhdo1
    User: eJunkie002 Pass: 9asdfh93
    User: eJunkie003 Pass: ja0asd03

    Paste the list of Username/Password combinations into the PIN/Registration codes area of the eJunkie More Options page.

    Continue to the "Setting up your Email Template" section at the end of this guide.

    Setting up your Email Template

    In order to deliver the codes to your customer you will need to modify your eJunie Email Template and HTML Message.

  • You can edit these templates on the first and last pages of the product setup

  • Somewhere in the messages you must enter [%codes%], which will be replaced by your customer's registration code:

  • You should also make it clear that your customer's username is their email address.

    Testing Your Code

    You can test your eJunkie product by making it's price 0.00 and checking out. Make sure that the product has existing inventory or is not using inventory control.

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