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Subject:Integration: Your own server (Advanced)
Keywords:regcode, registration code
Article:Using remote scripting to retrieve registration codes from our servers is the most secure way to distribute registration codes because your server does all the communication with us. You just send the customer's email address to us and we will generate a code for them and display it on an HTML page.

Your server will need the ability to retrieve the HTML content of a URL remotely. You can then display or email the code however you wish.

If your server is compatible with ASP or PHP you can use the SoftLocker Wizard to automatically generate code for your website. To do so, open the Wizard and select "Have my server generate and display codes automatically".

You can also choose to have our server deliver emails to your customer, or send them yourself using whatever technology you prefer.

The first step is to generate a SoftLocker Link that has the "Echo" option turned on. The Wizard will do this for you automatically. To create a link manually follow these steps:

1) Log in to the SoftLocker Client and click the URLs button, followed by the Add button.

2) Select the product you want to register from the drop down list. Enter a descriptive name for the link.

3) If you want us to send a confirmation email to your customer, or send a copy to you, leave the email options checked. If you plan to send emails from your own server you should uncheck those options.

4) Under the Advanced section check the following:

  • Append email via querystring: this is how you will send us the customer's email address

  • Echo the registration code: this tells us to just print the code to the page

  • You can also choose to have us print the program name to the page, but this is not necessary unless you are registering multiple programs and need to differentiate between codes.

    Click OK and your URL will be created. To view your URL visit the URLs section of the SoftLocker Client. Click on your URL name and it will be displayed in the Direct URL and Short URL fields.

    The Short URL can be remotely disabled if your link ever becomes compromised, but it includes an HTTP redirect. For that reason we recommend using the Direct URL to avoid problems with PHP's CURL being unable to follow the redirection.

    You will see at the end of link there is a querystring labeled email=. That will where you will append your customer's email address. For example:

    strURL = ""
    strEmail = ""
    strURL = strURL + strEmail

    Use any method you choose (ASP and PHP can be created by the SoftLocker Wizard) to "hit" your link, grab the code, and display it to your user.

    You may also view some example functions online:

    ASP Functions

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