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Subject:SoftLocker Change Log
Keywords:change log, changelog
Article:Version 2.4 Proxy Support

Both the SoftLocker Client and all locked files now support automatic proxy detection.

The proxy settings for the client can be accessed from the File menu. The proxy settings for locked files can be accessed via the "Settings" button on the registration screen.

Proxies can also be configured manually through the settings window.

This means that if your user is using a proxy that does not allow connections over port 80, it will be automatically detected and the correct proxy settings will be used instead of the user encountering an error message when entering their registration code.

Version 2.3 Installer Rebuilt

We have rebuilt the installer because some AntiVirus programs were incorrectly detecting a file named "Bouncer4.exe" as a trojan.

Because that file is no longer even used by SoftLocker we have simply replaced it with a blank file. That will ensure that locked files are no longer causing false positives.

We have also corrected a bug in the Wizard which causes error if no demo type is selected.

Version 2.2

-Updated the new user form to disallow spaces

-Removed the file Bouncer4.exe from the install package: it was and outdated file that was no longer used and was causing a false positive trojan report on some antivirus products. It has been replaced by an empty file.

Version 2.1

-Fixed a bug that could cause usage demos with more than one use to not expire properly

-Fixed a bug that caused demos based on days to last one day longer than expected.

-Fixed a bug that caused the windows task bar to disappear briefly when the "Would you like to register now?" window is shown.

Version 2.0

-Edited the banner displayed behind the program name to ensure the text does not overlap the image.

-Added the ability to lock installers and compressed files

-Fixed a bug that prevented editing of product URLs

-Removed unnecessary steps from the wizard if you choose not to lock a file

-Fixed a bug which prevented the wizard from display registration code options for generic eCommerce URLs.

-Fixed a bug that displayed numbers in the wizard confirmation instead of text

-Modified Bouncer#.exe, used in protecting EXE files, so that it uses approximately 90% fewer system processing time as before.

-Added secure PDF viewer plugin that prevents saving of PDF files.

-Rewrote the "Bouncer" programs that prevent file copy

-Added secure viewer plugins for Movie, Audio, Image and Text files that support many different formats and prevent copying and saving of files.

-Now checks the system that your locked file is being run on for any required programs (for example: MS Word or OpenOffice if you have locked a .DOC file, or Acrobat Viewer for PDF files) and displays any missing requirements

-Created file format guide that shows what file types are compatible with softlocker.

-Added file format feedback when choosing a file to lock, which provides information about that file type and how it interacts with SoftLocker.

-Reconfigured Hash functions to support very large files (before it took too long to lock and open large files like movies)

-Fixed a bug that could cause problems if more than one file locked with SoftLocker was run at the same time (did not affect products)

-Updated the language and help files to provide better translations

-Completely removed all Microsoft dependencies from the software. This will fix the automation error reported by some users.

-Added a SoftLocker Wizard to automate the process of locking a product.

-Added custom ASP and PHP wizard which creates code that can be placed on your website to remotely generate registration codes and send emails to your customers

-Changed icons on some buttons to make them more relevant

-Added the ability to specify quantity when generating registration codes

-Added the ability to output a CSV list of registration codes, users, and other data

-Modified account creation pages to hide querystrings, making the pages more secure.

-Modified the Registration Success page to hide querystring, prevent duplicate registrations from clicking the Back or Refresh buttons, making the page more secure.

-Modified the echo page LDEA.asp so that there is no redirection, making it easier to get registration codes with PHP CURL.

-Added the ability to remotely disable Short URL links

-Added a Block Registrations section to the Tools section that allows you to prevent users from registering based on email, ip address or ip range.

Update: Added the ability to block a specific referring domain, or only allow links from certain domains (like your website or payment processor)

-Added the ability to specify a custom registration code when manually adding users, instead of a random character string

-Now clears all items when you log in as a different user

-Now saves all column widths between sessions unless there has been a version update.

-Fixed a bug that could cause the user to have to register again after their initial registration

-The registration pages and emails will no longer try to display a download link if no download URL is specified

-Added a "Continue" link to registration pages that will direct the user back to your website if they don't need to download the software, or if there is no download URL specified.

Update: The act of registration now generates a log in the User Details window that shows username, ip address and http referer.

-Added Referer column to User Details window

-Usage demos now expend one use when a user clicks the "Continue Trial" option, instead of when the user opens the locked file.

-Added a "Requirements" section to locked files that show any requirements for plugins, like QuickTime or Acrobat Reader

-Added Change Email menu option under Accounts

-Added Change Password menu option under Accounts

Version 1.1:

-Fixed some minor bugs
-Improved some layout issues
-Made changes related to users
-Fixed a bug that could cause duplicate accounts

Version 1.0: Initial release

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